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After consulting my makeup inventory in December last year, I noticed I still owned a lot of lipsticks for someone that likes to stick to one shade at a time. This leads me to conduct a new project pan for 2019, however, this one focuses on lips!
Since I am a creature of habit and can't multi-task when it comes to using lip products this pan will run differently to most I have seen. Although I will select a year-long goal of how many products I'd like to work through, I will be doing it rolling pan style and use one at a time. I can either use up a lip product completely or until I feel satisfied with my progress to then declutter it.

In my last pan, I think I was pretty successful with lip products, especially since I've never used up one lip product before then. So I am going to set myself a goal of using up 5 lip products this year. Since I'd lip to transition my lip collection to be all natural/non-toxic I will be selecting items that are cruelty-free for this project pan.

The lip products that I have chosen are:
  • Essence Cosmetics lip liner - In the nude
  • Ofra Cosmetics lip liner - Wine
  • Colourpop lippie stix - Cookie
  • NYX Cosmetics SMLC - Stockholm
  • 3ina lipstick - 301

Starting points:

If I do happen to use these products up before the year is over then I will roll in more and keep it going.
This finale is being posted a little later due to me not really feeling like blogging/using Instagram regularly last year. I also didn't update you throughout October, November or December so here is my overall project pan finale!
I will give a brief final update on all the products that were left in my project. Followed by a final tally at the end of this post.

Eye Shadow - Tarte Tartelette in Bloom
As you may know, I went back to using my beloved Tarte palette again. I wanted to pan as many shades as possible. By the end, I was able to pan 5 shades (excluding rocker as that was panned for another purpose). I also was able to remove the tarte logo on some shades. I was pretty pleased with my progress in this palette, it also really showed me what shades I tend to use and what shades I don't need in my collection.

Blush - Nudestix Bare Back
I was really proud of my progress with this item. I was never really a blush person but I enjoyed using a cream product and it was the perfect companion when I went to Bali. I want to continue to use it up and enjoy it in 2019. Including this is my project also made me reach for my other nudestix items more often, overall they are a great brand with good quality, easy to use products.
My goal was to use up 4 foundations from my collection. I was able to use up 3 foundations in 2018, so I did get pretty close. This year I am only using organic/non-toxic foundations so any remainder foundations have been decluttered.

Brows - Chi Chi Brow Pomade (blonde)
My goal was to hit pan on this and I did it! I was also able to expand this pan pretty significantly so I was really happy with my progress.

NYX lipgloss in Eclair - this product was hardly touched. I just don't think I am a lipgloss person, I would rather apply lip balm. 
Nudestix in Mystic - I did really well with this and almost used it up completely. It is at the point where it is getting harder to sharpen so I got really close. I think I will call it done once this last sharpening goes blunt.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light
I didn't hit pan on this but I did use it more than I was prior to including it in my project. I feel like this powder will show minimal progress for a long time but that is a good thing as it was quite pricey, so I don't want to power through it quickly.

NYX under eye colour corrector 
I ended up decluttering this to my mum. I was able to expand the pan on this but I've gotten really minimal with my makeup style so this product became an extra step I wasn't reaching for.

Now for my overall progress tally:
Reached goal on 21 items
- Tartelette in bloom flower child (used up)
- Tartelette in bloom smarty pants (hit pan)
- Tartelette in bloom charmer (hit pan)
- Colourpop ultra glossy lip in Weho (used up)
- Inika Organic BB cream (used up)
- BH x Carli Bybel light brown shade (hit pan)
- BH x Carli Bybel matte cream shade (hit pan)
- BH x Carli Bybel 1st row shimmer shade (hit pan)
- Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (used up)
- Urban Decay Naked palette highlight shade (used up)
- Gerard Cosmetics Vintage Rose (used up)
- Urban Decay Naked palette bronzer shade (used up)
- Essence lipstick (used up)
- Colourpop Lunch Money (hit pan)
- SCOUT Cosmetics foundation (used up)
- Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade (hit pan)
- Tartelette in bloom funny girl (hit pan)
- Tartelette in bloom sweet heart (hit pan)
- Nudestix lip & cheek pencil in Mystic (almost used up)
- Nudestix blush in bare back (make significant progress)
- NYX under eye colour corrector (expand the pan)

Lost or decluttered 4 items
- Colourpop Oh Snap (decluttered)
- Chi Chi O.M.NUDE!! lipstick (lost)
- 3ina Lip Oil (lost)
- 3INA Eyeshadow pencil (decluttered)
Let's rewind...

In January I stumbled across a video from Too Much Tash on YouTube where she discussed her 2017 no buy. I set myself a challenge to not buy any new makeup products this year unless I absolutely needed it. For example, if I had no mascaras or concealers left, I could buy one replacement using my Sephora gift vouchers. Or if products were sent to me, that is also excluded since it isn't purchased with my money. 

I was very curious to see how many makeup products I actually went through in a year and how much $ total those products cost. This challenge has pushed me to shop my stash and use what I own. I also completed my first project pan this year and some of those items are also included in here. Plus any other products I got through.

*I did not include makeup items I decluttered other than the brow pomade as that dried up and I used it as long as possible. All other items on this list were finished up completely.

  • Australis The Original Primer - $15.95
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus primer - $3.49 (sample)
Liquid Foundation/BB/CC cream
  • Chi Chi CC Cream - $29.95
  • Physicians Formula Organic Wear BB Cream - $18.58
  • Models Prefer all in one BB cream - $12.99
  • Inika Organic BB Cream - $0 (gifted)
  • Adorn Cosmetics Cream Foundation - $3 (sample)
  • Vapour Organic Beauty Atmosphere Luminous foundation - $3.49 (sample) x2
  • SCOUT Cosmetics Luminous Finish Mineral foundation - $0 (gift)
  • NU Evolution foundation (sample) - $4
  • Kjaer Weis foundation (sample) - $4
  • Fitglow Beauty foudation (sample) - $4
Powder foundation
  • Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation - $29
  • Australis Fresh & Flawless - $13.95
Powders (setting)
  • Face of Australia translucent powder - $11.95
  • NYX Full Coverage concealer yellow - $9.95
  • Hynt Beauty Duet Perfecting concealer - $34.95
  • Saavy concealer - 4.99
Brow products
  • NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder - Dark Brown $9.95
  • Chi Chi Cosmetics Brow Pomade - Blonde $14.95
  • Inika Long Lash Vegan Mascara (black) - $45
  • Eye of Horus Goddess Mascara - $0 (gift)
  • RAWW Cosmetics Moringa Lash Impact mascara - $24.99
Eyeshadow (single shades/palettes)
  • Flower child from Tartelette in Bloom (gift)
  • Urban Decay Naked Flushed Bronzer - $17.33 (divided total price by 3)
  • Urban Decay Naked Flushed Highlighter - $17.33
  • Colourpop Super Shock highlighter in Lunch Money - $8
  • Australis High Lights mineral face highlighter in pearl - $16.95
Lip products
  • NYX soft matte lip cream in Tokyo - $12.95
  • Colourpop ultra glossy lip in Weho - $0 (free gift with purchase)
  • Essence lipstick - $2
  • NudeStix lip & cheek pencil in Mystic - $0 gifted
  • Gerard Cosmetics lipstick in Vintage Rose - $26 (AUD)

Total cost of products used up:

Total number of products used up:

I've never tracked how much makeup I use up in a year but I think I have done pretty well! I managed to save just over $400 by using what I own. I didn't end up doing a 100% no buy as I purchased a few samples to trial more organic foundations (I'm switching over in 2019) and I had to repurchase a mascara as I was completely out of that category but I allow those exceptions.

I think I will continue a replacement only buy in 2019 and going forward. This year has taught me it takes a while to get through makeup plus I own enough of it to complete a full face. Also seeing the amount of money I saved is really motivational as I can spend that money elsewhere or even save for the future.
I have a variety of Adorn Cosmetics mineral shadows in my collection and don't hear a lot about them, so I thought I'd do some swatches! These are all loose shadows made from natural ingredients. They come in a matte or shimmer finish and are very versatile as you can build them up or sheer them out.
Keep in mind: all my swatches were done using a flat shader brush and were not built up to full opacity.

Golden Topaz
Citrine Orange
Coral Pearl
Pink Pearl

Now for the swatches:

Another update for you all! This one is exciting, especially if you've been keeping up with my urban decay palette progress. This update includes me reaching a few goals and switching out products.
 Eye Shadow - Zoeva Cocoa Blend
Still no pan and I only ever use the two same shades. Due to this slow progress (this isn't a bad thing because it's definitely worth the money!) I did a poll on my Instagram. I asked you all if I should go back to panning Tartelette in Bloom, because I always find myself wanting to use it, or if I continue with Cocoa Blend. 75% of you all said Tarte so because of this I have decided to attempt a pan that palette with In Bloom. I don't want to force myself to pan all shades by December because I don't think I'll have enough time, but I do want to hit pan in as many shades as I can.
Bronzer/Highlighter - Urban Decay Naked Flushed
I finally used this up! The last update I was so close but it is officially done. After using it so regularly I noticed a lot of breakouts forming where I applied it and blackheads/clogged pores. I believe the ingredient talc is what caused it so I've decided to steer clear of it. If talc isn't an issue for you this is a nice trio!
Brows - Chi Chi Brow Pomade (blonde)
Progress is steady here, I am expanding the side pan and it's an everyday staple so it is easy to use constantly.
Blush - Nudestix Bare Back
A product that tends to be forgotten, however, I used it a few times. I feel like I use this more when the weather is warmer. It will be staying in my project so I can continue to use it.

3INA Eyeshadow Pencil
In every update, I feel like I say I forgot to use this so I think it is time to pass it on to a better home. It is a nice easy product but I'm more of a matte person so I don't reach for it.
SCOUT Cosmetics foundation has been used up! I am really excited about this because I'm eager to try more natural foundations in 2019. Next, I am moving onto my NYX drops to hopefully use up or make significant progress on. So far I have used up 3 out of 6 foundations for 2018.

Another lipstick used up! I was able to finish my essence lipstick bringing my total to 2 for this category. I used the NYX lipgloss a handful of times but hopefully, I can make more progress.

Colourpop Lunch Money highlighter
I decided to discontinue using this product mainly due to its age. I made a little more progress and I probably could eventually finish it off which would be satisfying but for the sake of my skin, I think it's best to part ways with old makeup.

Adding in:
To replace the products leaving my pan I have selected:

  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light. I usually save this for special occasions but I paid so much for it that I may as well use it while it's good.
  • NYX under eye colour corrector 

Reached goal on 15 items
- Tartelette in bloom flower child (used up)
- Tartelette in bloom smarty pants (hit pan)
- Tartelette in bloom charmer (hit pan)
- Colourpop ultra glossy lip in Weho (used up)
- Inika Organic BB cream (used up)
- BH x Carli Bybel light brown shade (hit pan)
- BH x Carli Bybel matte cream shade (hit pan)
- BH x Carli Bybel 1st row shimmer shade (hit pan)
- Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation (used up)
- Urban Decay Naked palette highlight shade (used up)
- Gerard Cosmetics Vintage Rose (used up)
- Urban Decay Naked palette bronzer shade (used up)
- Essence lipstick (used up)
- Colourpop Lunch Money (hit pan)
- SCOUT Cosmetics foundation (used up)

Lost or decluttered 4 items
- Colourpop Oh Snap (decluttered)
- Chi Chi O.M.NUDE!! lipstick (lost)
- 3ina Lip Oil (lost)
- 3INA Eyeshadow pencil (decluttered)
I am technically still on a no-buy which is going well! But of course, a girl can still online window-shop and add things to cart. In 2019 one of my goals is to be more conscious of waste and make as minimal waste choices as possible.

So, because I'm always super organised (I've already set up my 2019 bullet journal!!) I thought I'd kick start with one of my goals and create a wishlist. This includes general items such as tea, perfume, health products, makeup and skin care. Hopefully, I am able to get around to trying these out when my no-buy ends and I use up products in the relevant categories!

"a delicious, naturally scented balm formulated to gently cleanse the skin and leave it soft, glowing and supple. Ideal for all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin, this gentle balm washes away makeup, excess oil and helps remove dead skin cells to reveal a bright, even complexion."

"provides a boost of nutrients to damaged skin, helping to smooth and repair it overnight. This potent blend contains anti-ageing ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Rosehip Oil, Green Tea and CoQ10 which are supported by Vitamins A*, C and E for an antioxidant-rich corrective formula."

"a balancing, peaceful fragrance that helps to release feelings of frustration and banish negativity. It helps to clear your mind, helping you to relax in times of stress. Uplifting natural ingredients such as Sandalwood, Sweet Orange and Lemon help to encourage positive energy and clarity."

"Packed with rich botanicals and fruits, all pure and wildcrafted, this is an anti-ageing, skin-plumping and hydrating tea."

"an immune tonic which may aid, assist or help in the maintenance of general well-being."

"Highly nourishing and conditioner for the lips."

"A full-coverage concealer. With antiseptic and anti-inflammatory Arnica Flower extract, it helps to calm blemishes and inflamed skin, as well as covering dark circles, pigmentation and irregular skin tone."
"offers a non-greasy, yet hydrating, natural finish that lasts all day."
*Only non-reusable/non-minimal packaging product*
These are all of the products on my wish list. Have you tried any? Let me know.

Disclaimer: I generally always reuse plastic spray bottles/glass tubs when I make DIY things so that is why I've gone with minimal waste over zero waste 😊I am in no way perfect at creating no waste but I am excited to begin my journey and do my part for the environment.